The Bodhicharya-France centre is open to everyone. It allows you to practise and study the Dharma in a secluded, quiet, peaceful and comfortable place where you can recharge your batteries. There is a library and study room at your disposal and you can make individual or group retreats.  

Daily programme at the centre

from tuesday to friday :

7pm breakfast (bell)
8pm meditation (45mn) 
12pm meditation (30mm)
12.30 lunch (bell)
5.30am meditation (30mn)
6am dinner

The centre is closed on mondays.
During the week you devote yourself to your personal practice in the morning and to the running of the centre in the afternoon.


The week-end practices proceed as follows:

saturday :

    6.30pm waking up
    7pm mahamudra meditation.
    8pm breakfast
    9pm meditation session
    11pm lekor (meditation in action)
    12.30pm lunch
    1am rest
    3.30am meditation session
    5am rest
    6am silence until next day 8pm
    6am mahamudra meditation
    6.30  dinner

sunday :
Same schedule in the morning but the meditation session in the afternoon starts at 3am. The week-end ends at about 4.30am.

Out of consideration for the people who practise in quiet, you are requested not to be noisy, to shout or to speak in a loud voice at the centre. Visitors and students are requested not to bring their pets. All intoxicants are forbidden and you are not allowed to smoke within the centre compound.

You have to bring your toiletries and bedding ( pillowcase, top/bottom sheet, or even a sleeping bag). Blankets are provided. If you forget you may rent the bedding (see rates).



Bodhicharya France
1 la Bouille 88490 Lusse, France
Tél. (+33) 3 29 51 21 93