Dear Dharma friends,

The objective of the Bodhicharya-France buddhist organization under the spiritual authority of Venerable Ringu Tulku Rimpoche is to combine the Dharma teachings with the practice of buddhism according to the Kagyupa Tibetan tradition.

Established in Strasbourg since 1997 there are today over 150 members gathered in practice groups called "tcheulings" (Dharma gardens) in Colmar, Meudon, Montbélliard, Mulhouse, Nancy,  Pont-à-Mousson and Strasbourg. Moreover, since 2006 a monastic Sangha of monks and nuns has been forming. It is a member of The Union Bouddhiste de France (French Buddhist Union), the official body which federates the various buddhist communities and is acknowledged as the buddhist representative towards the government. Thus, since 2006 the organization has been participating in the Buddha festival in Strasbourg under the patronage of the city.

According to its members' wishes and considering Ringu rimpoche's instructions, the organization has purchased a property in the Vosges area so that the Dharma can keep developing in a quiet setting propitious for meditation. From now on all activities take place at the Bodhicharya-France centre where lama Tsultrim lives as well as any resident, monk, nun or lay person who wishes to live in a place of Dharma.

Since 2002, Ringu Rimpoche has regularly been honouring us with his presence, once a year, allowing each pratitioner to get spiritual guidance on how to practise. 

Since 2006, an international teaching and meditation seminary has been organized in the presence of Rimpoche first in the Alsace region, then in the French Alps and for three years in Porto, Portugal. 

In 2007, a translation group was set up in order to translate into French the numerous teachings given by Rimpoche.

In close connection with Lama Tsultrim, all the members provide the necessary means to organize and fulfill this spiritual task

Every year we organize :

• monthly teachings

• day or week-end sessions of practice and study

• summer retreats

• the visit of Rimpoches

Furthermore, every year meetings with other buddhist and other spiritual traditions take place. Each member is invited, according to his abilities and availability, to participate in the activities and in the development of the organization. Asserting our motivation continuously, is the best way to pay tribute to Lama Tsultrim's commitment, availability and teachings.




Bodhicharya France
1 la Bouille 88490 Lusse, France
Tél. (+33) 3 29 51 21 93