Thanks to your generosity our organization was able to purchase the Lusse monastic centre, to start its renovation and to carry on the dharma transmission, in Lusse as well as in the tcheulings.

Your support, without which nothing could have been achieved, remains essential to carry on both the development of the centre and the transmission of the Dharma.

We need your help to promote the setting up of a monastic Sangha, to improve the comfort on the premises, to make the centre more and more propitious for studying and practising the Dharma and thus to turn it into a tool ccording to  Ringu Rimpoche's wish.

How to help us :

■ By donating goods: such as unperishable foodstuffs, cleaning products, wahing powder and so on ... so the centre will not have to buy them and the money we would have spent can be used for other purposes. That's why if you wish you can consult the list of suggestions regularly updated according to our needs.

Presently the most useful goods are : 

  • dried fruit and nuts, almonds ...

  • olive oil

  • olives, fruit salad, vegetarian ravioli ....

Bunches of flowers for the temple are always welcome..

 ■ By donating money : the present tax legislation allows cutting taxes up to 66% of the donated amount within the limits of 20% of your income taxes. A tax receipt to add to your tax return will be sent to you at the beginning of the year following your donation.

Thank you for your support

How to make a donation :

By sending a cheque payable to Bodhicharya-France at the following address :

Centre bouddhiste Bodhicharya France
1, la Bouille
88490 Lusse

or by bank transfer to :


write your name and the heading "donate"

Bank details

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Bodhicharya France
1 la Bouille 88490 Lusse, France
Tél. (+33) 3 29 51 21 93