The ASM organization (Assistance to the Monastic Sangha) aims at assisting financially buddhist nuns and monks who fully devote themselves to their monastic commitments.

This organization, created within Bodhicharya France, is under the spiritual authority of Ringou Tulkou Rinpoche, a Tibetan Karma Kagyu master .




Why such an organization ?

For the monks who were the first disciples of Buddha Shakyamuni, it was customary to receive food and clothing from generous lay practitioners.

Indeed, the Vinaya (monastic) rules ask nuns and monks to give up their secular activities to devote themselves fully to monastic life for the benefit of all beings.

To support this commitment, ASM raises funds to help them in case of financial difficulties.

Donation proposals :

ASM proposes two kinds of aid :

  • a monthly donation;

  • a special donation granted to any monk on request.

Management of donations

The terms of granting aid are specified in the rules and regulations of the organization and are run by two authorities:

  • The board of directors, elected during the general meeting, makes all decisions concerning substantial aid or aid intended for a non Bodhicharya-France resident
  • the Chapter, composed of all the monks living at the Bodhicharya-France centre, manages the granting of regular and special small donations.

Comment nous aider ? How to support us ?

  • By becoming a ASM member for a minimum 5€ monthly donation 
  • by making a donation : any donation superior or equal to an annual donation  grants you membership

In exchange for your support, the monks commit themselves to organize regular practices dedicated more particularly to their benefactors.

To make a monthly donation :

  • fill in the direct debit form and send it along with your bank account details to :
    Aide à la Sangha Monastique
    1, la Bouille
    88490 Lusse
  • fill in the direct debit authorization form and send it to your bank >>
Bodhicharya France
1 la Bouille 88490 Lusse, France
Tél. (+33) 3 29 51 21 93