Assistance to the monastic sangha

The ASM organization (Assistance to the Monastic Sangha) aims at assisting financially buddhist nuns and monks who fully devote themselves to their monastic commitments.

This organization, created within Bodhicharya France, is under the spiritual authority of Ringou Tulkou Rinpoche, a Tibetan Karma Kagyu master .




Une école à Bodh Gaya

Une école à Bodh Gaya ( A school in Bodh Gaya ) is a non-profit organization that has registered with the prefecture of Versailles whose statutes were officially published on June 14, 2003.

It aims at educating, feeding children and following up on their health as well as helping the population of underprivileged villages in the area of Bodh Gaya, India. The children's sponsoring and benefactors' donations ensure the financing.

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L'Oasis de Longue Vie

L'oasis de Longue Vie ( The long life oasis ) is a residence located in the Cher region 45km from the south of Bourges.

It welcomes elderly people, Dharma practitioners who want to live together in a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity in a setting favourable to the spiritual preparation of old age and death.

In addition to comfortable and adapted housing conditions, the residents enjoy a spiritual supervision while remaining the actors of their own life.

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